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November 08, Or so it seems to me Hope it happens soon. I wish I knew a Windowless masturbation cells that I could encourage to do this with his parents backing. The only drawback I see is that this could seriously fuck up the life of a well meaning albeit ignorant bishop who Windowless masturbation cells a family of his own and is a good person who really isnt sexually abusing anyone but will go down as a sexual pervert anyway.

If said ignorant bishop has bought into the Mormon mind fuck that prompts him to engage in such a conversation with a minor, unsupervised, then I have not on scintilla of respect for him or sympathy for any consequences that befall him. My problem is that Ive been in those same interviews and nothing struck me as abusive. This is almost insulting to people that actually have been sexually abused by bishops and others. But the interviews are hardly sexual abuse.

Today they mostly just ask "Do you keep the law of chastity? I just hope this happens to one of the nuts and not another Edited 1 time s. Love your posts but i whole-heartedly disagree with you that this is not "sexual abuse" of a minor by an adult. If you were a teacher and did this at your school to a student in a private room Try doing this to teenagers on a corner as they pass you by on the street I could care less if any Bishop's life is screwed over And for "nothing" you say???

Windowless masturbation cells do these Bishop's get their PHD's in human sexuality to even approach youngsters with this line of questioning!!!

me instructions and then disappear...

I was traumatized by several Bishops and SP's with this line of questioning since the age of 12 through my entire adolescence until my Mission. Totally inappropriate, unjustified and criminal as far as i'm concerned!!!

A bishop is not a teacher is not a person on the street. Those situations are not synonymous with each other. I maintain that being asked "Do you keep the law of chastity" is not abuse and will Windowless masturbation cells be psychologically harmful to anyone.

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Just uncomfortable, and a nuisance, but hardly enough to screw someone's life up especially since it wont force the church to make Windowless masturbation cells changes anyway.

But like I said above, there is always a crazy or two out there who pushes the envelope and when they do I hope this happens to one of them. I think it could be psychologically harmful. If Windowless masturbation cells don't harm anyone with your sexuality being asked if you follow other people's rules about it can lead to useless guilt let alone answering that you don't keep that law and what a bishop could let slip from your confession.

The bishop is just another member.

of Trinidad & Tobago, strong...

However he sees fit to deal with his enforcement of Mormonism can be terribly damaging even if the words seem innocuous. I agree with Nonsequiter. The question is intrusive and inappropriate, but abuse? Talk to some REAL sexual abuse victims. From what I understand, a Bishop has no more training in Windowless masturbation cells than the stranger on the street.

Just because he has a burning in the bosom that tells him he knows it all, he does not! He has no training and no right to be questioning Windowless masturbation cells issuing orders to children about their sexuality, period! The problem is, the question often goes beyond, "Do you keep the law of chastity?

Also specific details have been asked. Just because you personally haven't felt violated, even by that innocent law of chastity question, doesn't mean that others haven't.

Why should an adult who is not a parent EVER have the right to grill a young person about anything sexual? I doubt most year olds today know, either. So if a bishop asks that question, and the teen he's interviewing doesn't know what the "law of chastity" is, the teen is likely to say, "Um Have you done any of those things? My old bishop s used to take great delight in asking very specific, probing questions -- always of the form "when was the last time you?

When was the last time you French-kissed a girl? When Windowless masturbation cells the last time you had a wet dream? Was it erotic, did it include images of naked girls? Me being interviewed by Kenneth Windowless masturbation cells, bishop and soon to be Stake President and a friend of my mothers from high school days.

He asked me if I ever masturbated. I told him "no" since I had no idea what he was talking about. Of course, it wasn't long before I figured out what he meant.

I never looked at him again after that Windowless masturbation cells wondering if he did it also.

Am a federal prosecutor and been a state prosecutor in two states. Inappropriate, unwise, proof of no bounderies, yea. Counselora or psychologists may speak to children about masturbation and it is appropriate.

I join the concern about Bishops doing these interviews for several reasons. Masturbation is normal and the guilt, judgement, is manipulative. Bishops have no training to do this. Perverted Bishops who are a small minority but exist, get off on this and are alone with a child in an unnecessary situation. Back to my original point though, it is not sexual abuse and people lose credibility by overstating.

Hi Prosecutor anon, Thanks for weighing in on this Counselor I Windowless masturbation cells rescind my charge of "sexual abuse" if you say so that it is not.

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Will you concur that it is then at least "psychological" abuse of a minor by an adult authority figure??? Thanks Shummy for your comment Many thanks again to you Windowless masturbation cells A Mormon bishop is not a licensed counselor or psychiatrist.

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If a teacher or principal asked this type of question, our jobs would be toast. Forewarned is forearmed I'd say. If my child was forced into an unavoidable interview, I would put on my daddy pants and take some time for a sit down and level with the kid about what is ok and what ain't.

And maybe tell a joke about it so they might burst of laughing in the bishop's face. Without getting too graphic, one bishop's response I've heard was "it's wrong if your underwear gets moist".

You can't make this sh! We need hidden cam videos of these interviews. That might be a tough one for mitt to explain during his Windowless masturbation cells run. A hidden recording of the interview that is posted on youtube and goes viral with millions of views would stop the interviews from ever happening again in the future.

The church only cares about PR. It would be interesting to see the interview on video because it is not usually just one question Do you keep the law of chastity?

of Trinidad & Tobago, strong...

What does that mean? Do you engage inappropriately with others or yourself? I don't know what inappropriate would include Do you touch others naked bodies, or masturbate alone?

Something occurs to me: Mitt Romney asked the youth these questions. Another Windowless masturbation cells I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

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Not getting into politics, simply stating that someone who's ok with asking unaccompanied minors these questions almost became my president. They do it too.

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