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List of attraction triggers

Nude 18+ List of attraction triggers.
Men and women are triggered...

Every so often I get mail asking if I teach women. This article is by no means a comprehensive guide to dating. Why are so many western women so difficult to relate to, and seduce?

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This is not a guide to make you feel good about yourself, to boost your self-esteem and tell you everything will be alright if you believe in yourself. So I know a few things about what most want. I mean most and not all. In her mind she will picture Ryan Gosling, or a celeb she finds physically attractive. This is your ego, pushing your emotional buttons like a crazed puppet master.

They are funny, and good leaders, and a little cocky. They are just men who like to read self-help…for men. I realize how ignorant List of attraction triggers pompous this sounds, that we learned men know what you want from us better than you do. But why is that? Ask yourself, have you taken the time to learn from us? Do you know what we actually do to pickup women, and why we do it? Or have you merely parroted headlines from sensationalist media, or frightened friends? Do you project your fear of being hurt onto any man who decides to study your psychology in the hope he can make it a little bit easier to get laid or List of attraction triggers a girlfriend?

Have you ever used self-reflection to notice you are doing this? The most common question I receive from women about what I do is: We also want relationships—but only with the girls who are girlfriend material.

This article might show you what that means to most of us.

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You want a nice, good man, right? Not the lapdog husband who hates his job while providing for you on hands and knees.

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These attractive guys want to be hunters, and rockstars, and Hemingways. Or maybe you want the shy, chill guy. This is for girls who want the hot, awesome guy.

If you are an open minded girl, then you might enjoy this article. It might not make you happy. In fact, it might make you angry. You might think that I List of attraction triggers a misogynist, sexist or something.

This article is meant to help a very specific subset of women: Basically anywhere that has a great freedom, financial wealth, and access to post secondary education. Why is this article for you? I believe that many women in the first world are unhappy, lonely, List of attraction triggers have great struggles attracting or keeping the men they desire. Why are men from these countries flocking to other countries in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe to meet women when they have so many at home?

I consider game to be like playing in a sandbox. We hand you a spoon, and you help us build a castle.

How To Trigger Emotional Attraction...

Girl game is not at all similar to man game. We have very different attraction triggers. Not hipster weirdos, bi-sexual, or white knight male feminists. More than anything, your personality, your job, your hobbies and ambitions—at first, all we care about, is how hot you are.

We like thin, shapely girls. Having curves, or baby fat is no deal breaker, not at all. Actually, we love something to grab onto, like List of attraction triggers Johansen. But you knew this right? I know you were taught to accept yourself, to be proud of who you are, no matter what your size?

That there are men with fetishes for large women. Men are most attracted to women from the age of This is when your skin is smooth and soft. Your sexy bits levitate without a bra, and your voice sounds sweet like a harp. Do some men prefer older women, sure. There are beautiful women List of attraction triggers are Young beautiful girls are showered with adoration. Many become party girls, and drink to excess. They spend hours in sloth, sitting on their smart phones. They become the cougar, the milf, the last resort.

Educate yourself as to how you can use your powers for good. Develop a lifestyle and philosophy that good men find attractive and realize your time is limited.

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We love, love, love long hair. If you have curly hair that grows straight up, then grow a lot of it. But we prefer long hair and will be more attracted to List of attraction triggers woman with this feature.

So is going out night after night, day after day, and being rejected by thousands of women, just to learn how to be a fun guy that pretty girls like to sleep with. But we do what works. We do this so that we are funnier, more charming, and better men. The majority of men prefer caucasian skin.

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