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The big soccer tournament happens and a pro scout shows up to take a look at Joscha, making him hesitate on coming out.

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Kai is furious and the two of them fight and break up. Later though, Kai admits to Joscha that he loves him and wants to stay with him no matter what. He is so excited about the events that he kisses Kai with everyone and the press watching….

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So Joscha is finally out. This pretty much plays out like the Christian and Olli coming out drama did a few years back, complete with Christian kissing Olli with the world watching and the camera swirling around them. I wonder if the writers and producers have any shame about pretty much copying that previous storyline.

None of this was discussed when this should have been front and center in the storyline.

The question is what happens now that Joscha is out? But those details should not have been ignored just so the show could focus on the romance of Joscha coming out. Meh, not much to say here.

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I really wish there was more of an emotional attachment between Marcus and Todd or that we saw Marcus struggling with his desire for Todd and his relationship with Maria. Everybody is just going through the motions without any real weight to the story.

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Shame because this could have been so much more. Sami and Adrienne going over the ugly family history of wedding at their respective mansions was fun. And I really hate that Adrienne went from wanting to stop the wedding to weeping over the upcoming event over a few scenes. The writing for her is so inconsistent.

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Those were some raunchy sex scenes between EJ and Abby. If only we could see that kind of passion between Will and Sonny. The show should really avoid things like that.

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I do like how Nick mostly finds Will and Sonny amusing though. Looks like Declan is going to screw him over — and not in a good way like over a desk. I had forgotten how much I hated that storyline about Sarah being sick, a story that dragged on forever, if I recall.

The show reminded me, unfortunately, with that dumb scene where Sarah gets her latest medical results via email. And would two really hot guys like Ross and Pete actually be fighting over that terrible, unlikeable Debbie? In some extremely awkward dialogue, no less. This is GH after all where people come back to life every other week. I almost fell over laughing when Felix talked about being old fashioned.

This is the same guy who chased after several straight guys in town and talked about how much he wanted to hook up with them, right? The thing is, Felix seems like the outlier in this story, despite his tears.

But what happened between Brad and Lucas after Felix left? How did Brad and Lucas leave things when they were clearly about to embark on something between them before Felix showed up?

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It would have been nice to have seen it. So Lucas is now referring to Seattle as someplace he used to live? When did he decide to quit his job whatever that was and move to Port Charles? They just might be my least favorite soap characters ever.

Sadly, Trevor talked Fraser out of it with the belief that Ste was too scared to talk. Of course, they underestimated how incredibly stupid Ste is so naturally he was blabbing the first chance he got.

There is nothing more annoying than a screeching Sinead.

I have to admit though while I hated that Sinead went back to hooking to pay the lawyer to get her kid back, I did like the talk that she and Jack had before Freddie busted in.

There was actually some nice dialogue and character insight. Shocking from this show, huh? Sinead really surprised me when she realized that kidnapping the baby was wrong and she was only thinking of herself. It might be the first time in her miserable life she actually did the right thing.

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And all the caterwauling and showing out further makes the character sooooo unappealing. The actress is pretty good and Hollyoaks needs more people of color. I suspect that Vincent was an attempt by the show to be more diverse. Too bad the character was so god awful.

But for a tough guy thug, Freddie cries an awful lot. That yummy Alex is back.

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I really have to commend the show for casting an actor who looks so much like Paul. I find it really hard to believe that Amy would just drop the kids off on Ste without letting Ste know she was coming, not to mention leaving the kids with Blessing, who is a perfect stranger. I figured Brent would somehow turn back up in the show again. Even worse was Brent advising Will not to break up with Layla because of the possibility of one of his gay lovers popping up out of the woodwork.

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