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Dating and marriage customs in poland

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Wedding customs in Poland have largely remained unchanged over the years. The rituals and practices associated with weddings here show the predominant influence of the Catholic Church as much as a healthy tradition of rural, communal life. Matchmaking As is the custom in traditional societies, marriages in Poland were originally arranged by families with the couple brought into the loop only at a later stage of the wedding.

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Matchmaking was often a contrived process with the groom or his family hiring the services of a village elder or older kin member who would initiate negotiations with the family of a prospective bride.

After the marriage proposal was accepted, efforts were made to set a date. In the old days, the wedding season in Poland began in September and continued through the fall and winter except during the holy seasons of Advent and Lent. The reason for this was that after the passing of harvest season, most people had both the resources as well as leisure to plan and hold weddings.

Engagement period In Poland before a couple gets married, they usually go through an engagement Dating and marriage customs in poland variously called Oswiadczyny, Zareczyny or Zrekowiny. In the earlier days, this involved a ritual included an uncut loaf of bread and a white scarf.

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The swat or the matchmaker would join the right hands of the couple above the loaf of bread and tie them together with the scarf. Then he would cut two pieces of bread for them to eat.

Most commonly the groom would gift his bride with this ceremonial scarf. Following this, refreshments were served and small gifts were exchanged. The day after the engagement, the couple visited the village priest and the marriage banns were put up in the church.

The period of engagement usually lasted for three weeks. Even though nowadays such elaborate engagement rituals are becoming less common, the engagement isstill considered an important part of the entire wedding process.

Young maidens traditionally wore their hair in one braid symbolizing their youth and virginity. Then again it is also common for the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to celebrate the last night of their being single with separate bachelor and bachelorette parties.

During the bachelor party, the groom goes out and socializes with his guy friends at a bar where they have drinks, play pool or throw darts. During the bachelorette party, the bride either goes out with her girl friends or invites them to her house for a light meal and drinks.