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CNN Men who have more genetic variants that would make them short, and women who have more genetic variants that would lead them to have a higher body mass indextend to earn less money, according to a study published in BMJ.

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Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are below average height and a success financially. Daniel Radcliffe, left, is the star of the hit movie franchise "Harry Potter. Winner of two Academy Awards for best actor, Dustin Hoffman, third from left, has made many movies in his career.

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Elijah Wood, left, starred as Frodo, a central character in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Prince's music career has spanned decades and he has sold over million records, placing him as one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Jon Stewart, center, is one of the most recognized faces in comedy, having hosted the popular satire show "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central.

Bruno Mars, third from left, who has had numerous No.

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The Force Awakens" breaking many box office records in the movie theater, there's a good chance that John Boyega, left, and Oscar Isaac and will become household names. How they will fare based on the success of "Star Wars" and possible more in the serieswe'll find out.

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Story highlights Men with genes that predispose them to be short and women with genes that tend to give them bigger BMIs earned less money Study specifically looks at people in the UK. This phenomenon has been documented in the past, but earlier studies used mostly observational data.

What's different about this study is that it looks at a person's genetic predisposition for height and weight.

That means there are no broader environmental factors at play here. Poorer people, on average, tend to have poorer childhood nutritionwhich can stunt growth and may lead to obesity. But there may be more to it. The authors came to this conclusion looking at the genetic data ofwomen Famous women dating shorter mens basketball men of white British ancestry, between the ages of 37 and 73, who are a part of the UK Biobanka large group of people who have volunteered to be studied for the sake of science.

Short women are in luck. There was no real household income difference between short and tall women.