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Artwork depicting Banjo and Kazooie holding the pink Stop n swap egg and the Ice Key. Of all the secrets and mysteries in the Banjo-Kazooie seriesnone are more tantalizing or more talked about than Stop 'n' Swop. More rumors have circulated about it than about the large doors at the top of Gruntilda's Lairand although most of them - both the silly and the sensible - are false, there are some truths in the clutter.

The mystery involves six brightly colored "Mystery Eggs" and a large key made of ice found in Banjo-Kazooieand their alleged use in its sequel, Stop n swap. Originally, the player would have had ten seconds to swap game cartridges, but due to revisions in the Nintendo 64 hardware, the time was reduced to only one second, and therefore, became impossible.

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It had also been revealed by the Rare team at E3 that the version of Banjo-Kazooie released on the Xbox live arcade would implement the Stop 'n' Swop Stop n swap as it was originally intended; however, it would be used in correspondence to Banjo-Kazooie: The crates are hidden around Showdown Town but will appear by a drawing of that certain item on a wall or roof.

On Januaryit was announced on the official Banjo-Kazooie website that the "original plan" of including Stop 'N' Swop would also be implemented in the Xbox Live Arcade release of Banjo-Tooiewhich was released in April At the end of Banjo-Kazooie, if all Jiggies have been collected, Mumbo Jumbo will show the player three animated photographs which reveal the locations of Stop n swap Mystery Eggs and the Ice Key, in locations that players may have noticed previously to be inaccessible.

Members of The Rare Witch Project hacked the game, and discovered codes that can be entered on the Sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove Stop n swap will allow anyone to reach these treasures, as well as another four eggs not mentioned by Mumbo. Once the items are collected, a menu appears on the pause menu, at the very end past Click Clock Wood.

It has never since been discovered what this menu is for, and indeed what it does. If you Press A, all saving will be stopped and your score will not be posted on the Leaderboards anymore.

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Before entering the code one should note that the barrel is sealed with an "X". When Banjo and Kazooie enter this barrel, there is also water where this egg nestles.

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The Pink Mystery Egg is found in Sharkfood Islanda small mark of land in Treasure Trove Cove that, upon entering the code, rises to turn out to be a cave.

Mumbo reveals it after the game is finished with all Jiggies.

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The Blue Mystery Egg is found in Gobi's Valleybehind an unopenable door which Gobi sits by before leaving the desert.

The egg can be found inside a sarcophagus in the proceeding room.

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The Green Mystery Egg is the second egg to be found in Mad Monster Mansion ; there seems to be no discernable reason for this, though. The egg is found in the bathroom, on top of Loggo.

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And here, this egg is rotating on the captain's bed. To reach it, one must enter through the window. The Stop n swap Key is perhaps the most mysterious Stop 'n' Swop item, predominantly because it is the only item Stop n swap can be seen during normal play. It is found in Wozza's cave, in a small alcove; if the player uses first person mode, they can see through the ice to see the key twirling, but there is no way to get in.

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However, typing in the following code removes the unbreakable ice wall. Each of these items unlocked a secret in the game. It unlocks a large Ice Vault that holds the Mega-Glowbo.

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The egg is in Spiral Mountain, in front of the mountain. By bringing it to Heggy in Wooded Hollow, Banjo will be able to use a new move. It is behind the waterfall in Spiral Mountain.

It unlocks the homing eggs cheat in the code chamber at Mayahem Temple. The egg is found in Heggy's House, but it must be hatched by Kazooie. It unlocks the Jinjo in Squackmatch multiplayer. Unlike the original Banjo-Tooie the Stop 'n' Swop items are not available in the game unless they were collected Stop n swap Banjo-Kazooie XBLA in which case the player starts with the items already collected.

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This includes the Nuts and Bolts Demo. Heggy will hatch all the eggs which will unlock the three awards from the original Breegull BashJinjo as a multiplayer character and Homing Eggs along with a gamer pic, a Xbox theme and Stop 'n' Swop II.

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The Ice Key is still used to access the Mega-Glowbo. Sign In Don't have an account? Plot or ending details follow. Contents [ show ].

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Retrieved on January 27, Retrieved from " http: At a Jackson Heights Stop 'N' Swap, three-year-old Jennifer Lima keeps an eye on the goods her family snagged at the event. Photo Credit.

If you beat the game with all Jiggies collected, the ending at Hammerhead Beach will include an additional scene where Mumbo shows animated photographs of Banjo and Kazooie obtaining the Ice Key, Pink Egg, and Blue Egg. To get the Stop 'n' Swop items in the XBLA version of the. Volunteering with Stop 'N' Swap.